The Real Me – Rachel King

Dear Rachel,

“Love yourself,” “Reflect on your own beauty,” “Live in such a way to make yourself happy.” As I’ve gotten older, I hear these phrases more and more o

ften. This world is creating an entire generation of people who just want to “love themselves.” However, I don’t see many people actually loving themselves. Instead, I see lots of self-harm, spray tans, suicide, and drunks. It’s heartbreaking.

I don’t necessarily think people shouldn’t “love themselves.” However, there is a difference between taking care of yourself, appreciating how God made you, and being positive with being selfish, self absorbed, and truly empty inside. Strange really, this world tells us, “love yourself,” but they keep coming up with products to change us. This world wants to make us accepting of anything. It changes us, and makes us believe that’s who we were in the first place. It’s misplacing our identity. Instead of actually loving the life God gave us, we love the pictures on our Instagram accounts that make our lives look cool. Instead of loving the way we look, we only love the way we look with caked on makeup, fake eyelashes, and expensive clothes. Then we take it all off, we look in the mirror and realize our confidence was fake. We don’t love the way we look, we only love the way we make ourselves look.

Sometimes I have to take a second and remember who God says I am. It’s so easy to forget. It’s so easy to fall into mindlessly living this life. All I have to do is wear lots of makeup and go around pretending to love myself until I can finally make it home. I take off my makeup and cry. It didn’t work. Loving myself doesn’t make me happy. It makes me feel empty. Loving Jesus makes me happy. Living not for the things I want, but instead living for the things God wants is the most fulfilling lifestyle I could ever ask for. Of course life is still hard, but it’s definitely not fake.

Now we need to take care of ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with wearing makeup. That’s definitely not my point. My point is this world tells us to accept a fake version of ourselves. The Lord accepts the real us. In fact He loves us like that. He loves every bit of us. He loves my skin, though I would say it’s all wrong. He loves the little rolls my tummy gets when I slouch. He loves how tall I am. He loves the little stretch marks on the side of my hips. He loves all of it. He loves the REAL me. I’m not going to be fake anymore. I want to be the real me, because the real me is fearfully and wonderfully made. (Psalms 139:14) God has an amazing plan for the real you. Don’t be fake, Jesus loves all of you.

Much Love, Rach

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