Jay Highsmith – PRIDE

The hardest prison to escape is the prison of the mind,

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is a thing called pride,

So what happens when a man full of pride can’t escape from his mind?

Locked away and can’t find the key,

But even when the cell door opened and he was free to go,

He stayed behind the bars and simply said no,

You see, pride has a way of trapping you,

Even when you have the key,

And have the ability to go free,

Pride kicks in and says, who gave you authority,

To tell me that you’re free?

Pride does what it wants, when it wants,

It sticks around longer than we’d like it to,

And never completely leaves when we want it to,

It boxes you in deep within your own self,

It takes you, out of you,

And puts you up on a shelf,

Like I don’t need you anymore,

You can sit here and collect dust,

And as you begin to rust,

You start to die and wither inside,

Because you believe the lie from your pride,

That says, you need me,

But this is me being humble enough to step aside,

And watch that thing called pride pass right on by,

And as it passes by, I tell it,

Humility gave me authority,

To tell you that I’m free,

And without a place to reside and hide deep inside,

There’s nowhere for pride to go,

So it simply dies,

And this right here,

Is like a shot to the head,


This is death to my pride.



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