Freedom for Freedom – Melissa Secchiaroli

November 30, 2017

Freedom: the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. Are you living in freedom? Specifically for this blog, I am asking, is your spirit free? Is your soul alive? Or, do you feel dead inside? Do you sense there is more to life than what reality is handing your right now? As humans and God’s […]

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Expectations are a reality in marriage.  He has his, you have yours and if you say you don’t have expectations, well you’re just plain lying. It’s natural and normal to have expectations.  I have plenty of expectations of my husband and he has plenty of me.   I expect him to remain faithful to me […]

SEXPECTATIONS – Meredith Boggs

November 29, 2017

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FREED from Sugar – Clair Voss

November 22, 2017

Aloha, Sweet Sister! My name is Claire Voss, and I am the owner of The Prayerful Plank, a small business that makes Christian faith and fitness planners to help women make getting into God’s Word and working out part of their day to day.  I am so thrilled to be chatting with you today!   […]

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I remember being the kid who knew all the bible verses in Sunday school and I could recite back all the details of Noah’s ark. My family was always in church so I knew how to do church things. I was under the impression that people who go to church are good and do good […]

Never Beyond Reach – Taneisha Graves

November 19, 2017

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Recovering Gossip – Rachel King

November 17, 2017


Dear Rachel, This is a story of a girl who once gossiped. You know she told that thing about so and so to a friend of a friend who told it to another friend and then severely hurt a friendship and lost people’s trust. Oh yeah I know that story, Oh too well. OK, so […]

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Yesterday I had a dream so vivid that I can still see it when I close my eyes. You were there, right there with me. My heart was so full in that moment to know that finally I could see you after what’s felt like forever. We sat there on the floor of my living […]

7 O’clock – Canei Hines

November 13, 2017

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4 Years Sober – Sierra Camelia

November 7, 2017


Dec 31, 2013, marks an important day in my life. It was the day I decided that I was tired of living a life of partying and doing what I wanted to bring momentary pleasure, only to bring guilt and shame later. It was the day I decided to fully follow Christ, no matter the […]

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